Fellows Application Process

The Wyss Fellows Program provides campaign experience and training for individuals who have the potential to become future conservation leaders. Fellows work at sponsoring organizations on a variety of projects and campaigns determined by the sponsoring organization during their two-year fellowship. Fellows must focus their work on one or more of the following areas: Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, or New Mexico.

Wyss Fellowships are ideal for talented and committed individuals just completing their education and looking to launch their career in conservation, or for those looking to make a career change. Fellows gain experience in all aspects of conservation advocacy, including policy development, grassroots and grasstops organizing, coalition-building, research and writing, media and communications, and fundraising.

2019 Wyss Fellows sponsorship applications are now closed.

Terms and Eligibility:

Sponsoring organizations contribute staff time to mentor and monitor the Fellow’s work, overhead expenses, and 20% of the Fellow’s salary and benefits. The Wyss Foundation will provide host organizations a grant for programmatic support (project expenses and travel), and 80% of the Fellow’s salary and benefits during the two year Fellowship.  Host organizations are responsible for the selection and hiring of the Fellow, in consultation with Wyss staff. Current employees of the sponsoring organization are not eligible. Wyss Fellows will participate in an annual week-long training program – selected by the Wyss Foundation during each year of the program. If your organization is selected as a final candidate for a Wyss Fellow, you may be asked to submit additional financial and organizational information for review.

Proposals must include:

  • Name and address of organization

  • Email and website address

  • Name, title, and contact information of proposed mentor

  • Name and title of contact person(s) (if different than mentor)

  • Date of submission


  • A brief overview of your organization (1-2 paragraphs)

  • Highlights of the organization’s activities and accomplishments, (1-2 paragraphs or a bullet list)

  • A brief statement of the need for a Wyss Fellow

  • A description of the proposed Wyss Fellow position. This section of the proposal will be used in the advertising of the position if your application is accepted. It should not exceed one page in total. Please include Title, Goals, Activities and Responsibilities, Requirements (any special skills required for the position such as computer or language skills), and Location.

  • The proposed stipend for the Fellow, and a brief explanation of the amount. The stipend must be between $35,000-45,000.

  • The Wyss Fellows program requires that the host organization identify a mentor for each Wyss Fellow, and underwrite the cost of the mentor’s time to supervise the Fellow. Include a biography and a brief personal statement from the proposed mentor describing his or her interest in the program and approach to staff management and development.

  • A short description of your organization’s commitment to hosting and mentoring the Fellow. Include any internal training or professional development that might be made available, and a description of organizational resources that would be made available to the fellow.

  • A short description of the approach your organization would use in advertising the position and hiring.