Grateful for the opportunities, education, and innovative spirit of the United States that helped launch his own career, Mr. Wyss is committed to helping ensure that everyone has the chance to pursue their dreams and fulfill their potential.  The Wyss Foundation works to achieve this goal by investing in programs and initiatives that expand opportunity.

The Wyss Foundation’s work to expand economic opportunity and empower communities includes:

  • Expanding economic opportunity and reducing inequality, such as by promoting fair lending practices and policies that help families save and build wealth.
  • Helping build a society where women are empowered and have equal opportunities.
  • Supporting a democracy that is inclusive, fair, and compassionate, such as by ensuring humane treatment of refugees and immigrants.

The Wyss Foundation’s investments in these areas focus on helping develop lasting, innovative solutions.  Our grantees include the United Way, Center for Budget and Policies Priorities, and the Center for American Progress.


Focus on

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities plays a lead role in shaping federal fiscal policies that support strong, equitable economic growth, promote opportunity, and provide an effective safety net. It encourages investment in education, the environment, and other building blocks of shared prosperity. Tens of millions of poor and moderate-income individuals and families have benefited from the Center's efforts. For example, the Center has helped more than 6 million children in high-poverty schools get better access to school meals. Read more about this project here.